STAY - Directed by Eric Goldberg

Stay is an award-nominated short film produced under the direction of Eric Goldberg. With a four-minute run-time, it was created by a selected group of 14 animators who completed the entire film in the course of eight weeks. Though credited as an animator, I additionally worked as a storyboard artist, colorist, and composite artist.

I also named the dog Portia.

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Free You: Minnesota's Fight for Gay Liberation

FREE You is a documentary produced in collaboration with the University of Minnesota. I served as the animation illustrator for this film, as well as provided additional artistic input and direction.


Gravedigger was solo-project produced for MCAD's Digital Animation class in ToonBoom Harmony. It is a combination of puppeted animation and hand-drawn animation, and was my first foray into using rigged animation models.

Dragon for Sale

Dragon for Sale is a solo-project produced for LCAD's 30-second-film assignment. It was traditionally animated on paper and was screened at the Warner Brother's Film Lot as part of the Laguna Arts Film Festival in 2018. A color version is currently in the works.