Lilliah Campagna Baker


The Art Academy 

Art Instructor

  • Taught children ages 6 - 13 fundamentals drawing and the use of ink and watercolor through the Basic Fundamentals curriculum.

  • Taught children ages 10 - 18 fundamentals of comic art and the use of page layout, ink, story structure and development, anatomy, movement, and perspective through the Comic and Graphic Novel curriculum.

  • Taught children 10 - 18 fundamentals of character design and the use of costume, visual diversity, and anatomy through the Character Design curriculum.

  • Taught adults the fundamentals of Illustration and the use of composition, value, and color theory.

  • Was offered the job at age 14.

Curriculum Development & Implementation

  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of the children’s Character Design class.

  • Developed a unique and engaging curriculum from scratch, focused on teaching and balancing the many aspects of character design.

  • Laid out an eight-week time schedule for the class and implemented the lessons effectively within the time allotted.

Saint Paul, MN

2011 - Present

Eric Goldberg Master Class


  • Was one of fourteen students selected by Eric Goldberg out of 30+ candidates to participate in the master class through portfolio evaluation and merit.

  • Worked in an engaged team to develop the plot and storyboards for a four-minute animated short film, completed in an eight-week duration.

  • Served as an animator, clean up artist, colorist, and sound technician for the short film.

Laguna Beach, CA


George Lucas Learning and Edutopia Foundation Proposal 


  • Was one of three participants selected out of 400+ candidates to provide artwork for an arts education program proposal assembled by Jim Robinson as requested by George Lucas.

  • Provided exemplary art for the proposal in the form of comic pages and individual panels under a highly restrictive deadline. 

  • Served as a representative of the Art Academy's artistic education program and its successes.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Additional Achievements

  • "Dragon for Sale" and other animated pencil tests were of few selected among many applicants to be screened at the Laguna Animated Arts Festival hosted at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California.

  • World Taekwondo Federation Kukkiwon Certification recipient.

  • Maintained Dean's List and President's List placement for the duration of attending LCAD.

  • Has artwork displayed at the Walker Museum of Modern Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Declared Bachelor's of Comic Art

Attends Minneapolis College of Art and Design for Comic Art.

Maintains a minor in Creative Writing.

Minneapolis, MN

2019 - Present

Laguna College of Art and Design

Declared Bachelor's of Animation

Attended Laguna College of Art and Design for Animation.

Maintained minors in Game Art and Creative Writing.

Laguna Beach, CA

2016 - 2018

The Art Academy

Received extensive training in traditional fine art techniques, oil painting, and life drawing.

Saint Paul, MN

The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art

Received extensive training through classes in life drawing, illustration, and plein-air painting.

Minneapolis, MN



  • Traditional, hand-drawn animation.

  • Ability to read and implement an animation x-sheet.

  • Illustrating and writing comic books and graphic novels.

  • Traditional fine art technique and life drawing.

  • Game development.

  • Creative writing, technical writing, and editing.

  • Experience in the entire process of creating animated content, from storyboards to animation to color to final composited product.

Digital Software

  • Adobe Photoshop, Audition, and Premiere.

  • Microsoft Office suite.

  • Traditional animation compositing software Flipbook and Dragonframe.

  • TV Paint.

  • HTML and Papyrus.

3D Digital Software

  • Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Zbrush.

  • 3D models, texturing, and implementing models into other programs.

  • Modeling and texturing for use in video games.

Customer Service & Arts Education

  • Answering customer questions, explaining and promoting company goals and services, maintaining lasting customer relationships, and taking on the role of an educator and guiding figure for children and teens.

  • Creating and implementing educational arts curriculum.

  • Quick, on-the-job learner who maintains a flexible skill set.