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Lilliah Campagna is a concept, storyboard, & comic artist and writer. Originally from the Twin Cities, she lives in Los Angeles and currently works for Warner Bros. Animation as a storyboard revisionist on Harley Quinn. She attended Laguna College of Art & Design (2016-2018) and Minneapolis College of Art & Design (2019-2021) for Animation, Comic Art, and Creative Writing. She has been a working artist since her early teens, having been offered an art teaching job at an atelier in Saint Paul at the age of fourteen.

Her work is heavily influenced by neo-noir media, dieselpunk sci-fi, the underground 90's, heavily-inked comic art, the hurt/comfort genre, Japanese animated films, anthropology, the 'visual clutter' of lived-in spaces, and the ancient Near East.


When not drawing, she enjoys creating mods for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, working on her forthcoming comic, and caring for her probably-dead mini roses and hopefully less-dead cacti. She holds a black-belt in Taekwondo certified by the Kukkiwon World Federation.