A fantasy novel, currently in the works.

It is the first years in the last century of the Second Era. The blight hangs above Roshan, an ever-looming threat and the reminder of a past that the Roshani long sought to put behind them. In the grand Ur capital, a string of unsolved murders and unsanctioned assassinations has brought the attention of Master Drelethyn Ven Ur to the darkened corners of the city’s underbelly. To S’en, who bared and bloodied her teeth to survive, this underbelly has been all she had ever known.


When unexpected circumstances cause their paths to meet, the highest and lowest that Ur society has to offer find themselves crossing the Waning Bay, to Roshan, to save their own minds from the insanity that threatens to consume them.

Chapter Preview Below!


A preview of issue #1 of Rhupa.

A film noir set in a strange land I describe as a sort of dieselpunk Persia, Rhupa is Cowboy Bebop meets The Windup Girl (according to me; other people who've read it have compared it to Dune, Bladerunner, Akira, and Saga.)

Two Cents from a Dead End Skiv

A spec-work of James Robert's Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Drift thought he'd seen everything down in the Dead End. What he hadn't seen as a skiv he'd seen as a streetmech, and what he hadn't seen as a streetmech, he'd seen as a gun-for-hire. Then he receives a job offer with a bounty too large to ignore. The mark? Megatron, as in "electron", as in the bomb. A miner, from Tarn. The crime? Poetry.

Or: Four and a half million years ago, a bounty hunter from the Dead End met a miner who fancied himself a poet, and that alone changed everything.

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